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Representing citizens

in the Courts since 1959


attorney firm

Montero Procuradores, with a long tradition and experience in procurement, accumulates more than 60 years of activity in Barcelona and more than 10 in Madrid, cities where we have managed to position ourselves among the most recognized firms thanks to a team of highly qualified expert collaborators.

3 generations guarantee our experience

Montero Pugnaire
Montero Reiter
Montero Reiter
Montero Brusell

The partners


Angel Montero Brusell

Attorney of the Courts

Founding partner of Montero Procuradores

Email: Tel: +34 93 216 03 36

La Firma

Our vision

Professional evolution has allowed us to transform the classic traditional one-man office into a cabinet where specialization and teamwork prevail.

We manage and monitor our clients' procedures, giving personalized treatment to all processes that require special attention, given their complexity.

This formula has given us the confidence of numerous banking entities and large companies, as well as various lawyers who entrust us with their procedures.

Our methodology has always taken into account technological advances in daily work, favoring communication and facilitating the monitoring of procedures.

Montero Procuradores has also been present in Madrid since July 2010. In this way, we can offer a more far-reaching service by having a presence in the two main cities of Spain.

Our investment in resources is aimed at having the human dimension and the technological capacity necessary to guarantee quality and efficient work for our clients.

We meet the expectations of our clients by seeking solutions and solving their problems.

Carlos Montero

Habitación blanca


The vast knowledge of procedural law of the professionals who are part of Montero Procuradores and the thousands of successfully managed cases, guarantee our recognized experience.


Our services

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Judicial representation

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Preparation and presentation of writings

Asset 10.png

Practice of communication acts

Asset 9.png

Procedural Advice

Asset 7.png

Streamlining of Judicial Procedures

Asset 11.png

Settlement and control of deadlines and signals

Asset 4.png

Notifications of Court Resolutions

Asset 5.png

Fulfillment of commandments, exhorts and offices

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Embargoes and Releases

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Judicial Auctions

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Microenterprises Contest Presentation


Customer satisfaction and a well done work are our priority.

Carlos Montero Reiter

Partidos Judiciales

All judicial parties

Process Server

We offer a Process Server service in Spain. “Process service” is a method of notifying another party, for instance a defendant, Court, or Administrative Body, of the initial legal action in order to exercise jurisdiction over that person so that she/he may respond to the proceedings before the Court, Body, or other Tribunal.

As a global company, we offer processing services to all of our clients worldwide from our offices in Spain. Get in touch with us if you would like to learn more about our process services agency. 

A process server is an individual or a company responsible for delivering legal documents, such as court summons, subpoenas, complaints, and other legal notices, to the individuals or parties involved in a legal case. The process server's primary role is to ensure that the legal documents are delivered in accordance with the legal requirements and that the recipients are made aware of their involvement in a legal matter.


The process of serving legal documents is crucial to the legal system, as it ensures that all parties have been properly notified of legal actions against them, and it allows the legal proceedings to move forward in a fair and transparent manner. Process servers may be required to serve documents in various legal situations, including civil lawsuits, divorces, child custody cases, and criminal proceedings.


It's important for process servers to adhere to the laws and regulations governing the service of legal documents in their jurisdiction to ensure that the service is legally valid. This may involve serving documents in person, through certified mail, or by other methods specified by the law. Process servers often need to provide evidence of successful service, such as a signed affidavit or a certificate of service, to the court to confirm that the documents were properly delivered.

Phone +34 93 216 03 36

Email :

Proccess Server

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We are happy to answer your questions.


Our office hours are:

Monday to Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Fridays from 8:30 a.m to 3:00 p.m.

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